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Hi there and welcome to the Signature Touch Cleaning Service experience. My name is Anna, I am the founder and CEO of STCS. Over the years old building professional cleaning experience, ive grown to develop a passion and love for cleaning as well as helping people. What better way to do what I love all while helping others than to start my own cleaning service!

My passion for cleaning has had a significant impact on my life from the time I was a young child cleaning up for my mother to now at 24, developing into a successful entrepreneur. My inspiration to begin starting a business progressed in the fall of 2014. At this time, I was working as a waitress, in addition to working for a cleaning company here in Orlando. I had spent several years working 2 jobs full time and going to college in addition. I wanted so much more for myself than to be working enough just to pay the bills. I didn’t want to feel limited anymore or subjected to working a 9-5 job and feeling like in wasn't fulfilling my purpose.

My mother was a single mother of 5 children who did everything possible to ensure we had all of the necessities to survive, but she also taught us how to love and to be independent. As a less fortunate teenager, it was very important for me to obtain my own independence sooner then later. I experienced many difficulties and challenges in life which forced me to mature faster then most people who were my age. I am very thankful for my mother because she inspired me to never give up on my dreams or anything important to me for that matter. Which lead to the hunger for my success. She taught me what sacrifice truly meant all while remaining faithful and humble through it all. I admired her will and determination to teach us love.

Life itself in my own experiences has also sculpted me into living my life as if a task can never fully be completed. There is never a finish line, yet instead there is always a higher level to be completed and more knowledge to digest. From the influence of my mother, the desire and drive to want better for myself, and the love I developed for cleaning; I found the courage to take the risk to establish Signature Touch Cleaning Service. I gave myself an ultimatum which was to either spend my life working for other people or to take the initiative to invest into myself fully. To accept that committing myself to becoming a successful entrepreneur would be a massive risk and would always challenge me. I proceeded to realize that taking this chance would bring me an abundance of genuine happiness. I chose myself, and I chose STCS.

From that point the process began! April 2016 I quit my waitressing job and invested every hour of my time into planning, researching the business along with other companies in my field, and understanding the commitment that I had just made to myself. I created a business plan, established a name that I was happy with, purchased business cards and kept a notebook nearby for every time I had an idea or a new approach for developing my company. I studied my competition, educated myself on the legal aspects of owning a business then registered my company in the state of Florida. On May 1, 2016 Signature Touch Cleaning Service was established.

Established with only one employee in 2016, we now have a solid team of passionate cleaners who take pride in the work that we do. STCS rapidly went from cleaning for one client to now servicing more then 150 clients in Orlando and surrounding areas. We have been featured on for being in the top 5 cleaning companies in Orlando several times. We have built a trusting, friendly, and efficient reputation with each of our clients that is continuing our growth as a community and famiy-oriented business. Our reviews have helped us to ensure clients that we honor our word to give you peace of mind and an amazing experience from beginning to end.


Thank you for choosing us & for all of your support!


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