Move out cleaning

This type of cleaning is most suitable for you if you are moving in, moving out, selling a home, or buying a home. The home is typically fully empty of furniture although, we can provide you with a 'clean up' service quote as well if you are needing items removed before the cleaning process begins.

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General Cleaning

This type of clean is most suitable for you if you are seeking to have a standard cleaning of your home from top to bottom. This type of service is typically best for maintenance and upkeep of the home. All surfaces will be dusted, wiped down, and polished.

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Deep Cleaning

This type of cleaning is most suitable for you if you have areas of the home that require significant attention to detail that cannot be cleaned with a general cleaning. This type of cleaning may require attention to areas that the general cleaning does not cover such as needing the refrigerator, oven, baseboards, windows, or any woodwork or trim to be wiped down.

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Signature Touch Cleaning Services

'An elite team of prideful passionate cleaners who will leave you with an impressive experience from start to finish".

We strive to give each of our clients a personable, friendly and effective cleaner. One of which, who will uphold a professional, family orientated demeanor. With 8 years of professional background we are constantly aiming to enhance our services, and to give you the relief and peace of mind from cleaning.

Most people are looking for a service that will give you an effective cleaning for an affordable price. Signature Touch Cleaning Service offers just that to each of our clients. From our amazing team, affordable prices, holiday specials, to ensuring satisfaction from the time you call to the final walk through at the end. We perform excellent work and give our clients a cleaning service to rave about!

We provide professional residential, commercial, event and party cleanings. We are currently servicing Orlando and surrounding areas. To determine the clean that is most suitable for you please check our services tab.


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To request a quote of service please provide us with the following information: Name, type of service(s) that you are interested in, and a contact phone number. We are looking forward to services you!